Get crafty! Get busy!

Get your Noah Pooh figurine and give it your spin! Unleash a new creation on this irresistible art toy.

Paint It Modify It Showcase 'Em Collect 'Em Paint It Modify It Showcase 'Em Collect 'EmPaint It Modify It Showcase 'Em Collect 'Em

Anyone can be an artist

There’s no wrong or right when it comes to art. The Noah Pooh Blank Figurines are the perfect canvas for all of your expressive energy.


Customizable Fun

Each Noah Pooh figurine is a blank vinyl figurine that can be easily painted, drawn on or modified however you’d like. The sky is the limit!


Meet Noah Pooh

Noah Pooh is not just POP Cats‘ mascot but a real-life mischievous kitty. His quirks and antics capture the little rebel in all of us.

Designed by Noah’s dad, Edgar Alexander, the figurine is a dream project that came into reality after 5 years in the making. It immortalizes Noah in one of his classic poses, ready for you to re-stylize and make it your own!


Fun Ideas

Try any of these ideas to give each of your figurines your artistic flair.

• Paint Markers
• Acrylic Paint
• Spray Paint
• Air-Dry Paper Clay

Customization Ideas
• Your cat’s likeness
• Add your personal style
• Pop-art decor
• Art collection of styles

Collect & Share!

Build your collection of Noah Poohs and showcase your masterpieces. Share your designs on social media using #NoahPooh and tag us @popcats.co. Be part of our vibrant community and inspire others with your unique creations.

Get Started!

Ready to create your own feline masterpiece? Order your Noah Poohs Blank Figurines today and start painting your world with the strokes of your imagination.