September 21 & 22, 2024

POP Cats is not a convention; it’s an annual immersive festival where the worlds of cats and pop collide. Join us for a weekend filled with awe-inspiring environments, adoption catios, art, workshops, merch, cattoos, and endless photo opportunities. 

We’ve got something for everyone!

Event Dates

Saturday, September 21st, 2024
11am to 5pm
Sunday, September 22nd, 2024
11am to 4pm


Wingspan Event & Conference Center
801 NE 34th Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Tap here for directions

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The ultimate cat experience!

Portland, brace for excitement – POP Cats™ 2024's City Evolution is coming your way!
An immersive world of cattitude

Dive into POP Cats™ City

Have you ever dreamed of being surrounded by everything cats? 

Imagine hitting the streets of POP Cats City, where cool cat art and secret spots turn reality into a playground of creativity and culture. It’s an urban adventure packed with art and wonder at every twist—where the buzz of the extraordinary is just a stride away.



Adoption Catios and Photo Ops

Get ready to be wowed by our vibrant catios, complete with giant cat-food motifs that you’ll love! Each enclosure will be graced with the presence of adorable, adoptable cats brought to you by our local rescues. So come on down and experience the feline frenzy for yourself.

Meet your best friend furever

Adoptable Cats!

If you have never been surrounded been surrounded by cats before, this is your opportunity to break the ice. Looking to speed-date your future BBF? This is also your chance to meet the cats of your dreams and adopt. You will LOVE IT!

Cat Organizations

it's BYOC, BABY!

Bring your cat*

Psst, is your cat always up for an adventure? Then your kitty will have a blast at POP Cats™. Your feline friend can explore all the exciting photo-ops, give the paw of approval to all the meow-velous merch, steal the spotlight, and meet cat lovers.

*Just make sure you follow our guidelines. Cats must remain in carriers or strollers. Click here to learn about eligibility and precautions.

we're all in for a meowtastic time

Cosplay encouraged!

Cool cats, we love seeing you in costume. Show off your inner cattitude by wearing your fun cat onesie or purrfectly crafted cat cosplay. Get creative. Grab your squad and let’s go✌️

wind down at our gaming zone

Pixelated Meows

Looking for a place to unwind and enjoy some video games with a purr-fect twist? Look no further than Pixelated Meows! Come on down, grab a controller, and let’s have fun!

Cattitude is art

Cat Art Exhibit

Cat art is not only rad; it’s pawsome! Check out our exhibition of totally cool art featuring our feline friends. What could be more inspiring than seeing cats made larger than life in art?!

Fun with coloring

Cat-Themed Coloring

Our festival has always celebrated felines and art, and this year’s we’re opening up a space where attendees can unleash their creativity. Here you can immerse yourself in coloring. Pick any of our delightful cat-themed drawings that you can take home as a fun souvenir.

Get your temp cattoo!

Punk Cats Cattoo Parlour

*ROAR* Embrace your inner cat and hit up our Cat Punks Cattoo Parlor at POP Cats. We’ve got a limited amount of free temporary cat tattoos for you and your posse, plus a killer selection of cat designs for purchase. So whether you’re a crazy cat lady or a fierce cat punk, we’ve got you covered. Come on down and let’s make epic memories!


Get your cattitude on

Permanent Cat-toos

Prepare for a weekend full of awesomeness at POP Cats Seattle, where the versatile artist Vi Valentine will be inking up cattitude! Keep an eye out for her spot, because she’s all set to create fabulous cat tattoos– walk-ins totally welcome!

Express your cattitude

Paint your masterpiece

You can be an artist too!
We made it possible for you and friends to paint  your own artwork at the POP Cats™ Meowsterpiece Studio. Pick any of our easy-to-follow designs available and paint away!
Check on-site for pricing.

Included in the Experience Ticket Bundle

DIY Cat Wand Toys

Your cat needs lots of entertainment and what could be more paw-some than making your own cat wand toy for fun times! We will provide you with cool supplies so you can learn how to make your own “Purr-chanting Wand”. Your cat will love it!
Check on-site for pricing.

Included in the Experience Ticket Bundle
Experience the cattitude!

Meowsome Merch

You will love finding awesome merch from cat food to feline art, cat-centric services to human apparel. Save up, cuz it’s time to stock on cat merch!

This our current vendor list. Many more vendors may book closer to the event date 😺

Cattitude is life


We will also be playing indie and pop tunes all weekend long to set the good vibes.


POP Cats™ organizes events that bring the community and cat rescues together to celebrate cats. Our festivals serve as a platform for non-profits to conduct adoption drives, recruit volunteers, and educate. Additionally, we donate a portion of revenue. Your ticket purchases play a crucial role in supporting our community.

Left until POP Cats Portland!
POP Cats is this weekend!
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Tickets are non-refundable.

Yes, that’s correct! You are welcome to join us on either Saturday – or – Sunday.

Yes, access to the event is granted with any ticket, regardless of the name on it, but tickets may only be used once.

This event is suitable for children 9 years and older.

Child tickets apply to children between ages 4 to 10.

Children between 4 and 10 years old require a child ticket. Children under 4 years old do not need a ticket.

Yes. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door. Please note that prices may be higher at the door.

Yes, you can certainly gift your ticket to someone else. The name on the digital ticket doesn’t need to match the person presenting it during check-in, but please note that each ticket can only be used once.

Enter your name or the name of your organization for each attendee ticket.

Tickets are transferable but cannot be duplicated. Your ticket will be scanned, allowing you access regardless of the name on the order. The original purchaser does not need to be present.

You have options:

  1. Bring your printed ticket.
  2. We can scan your ticket from your phone.
  3. We can look you up by your name.


Yes, re-entry is allowed. After checking in with your digital ticket, you will receive a wristband that allows you to leave and re-enter the event throughout the day.

Yes, toddlers are welcome! Please supervise them around our feline friends. Also, cat rescues managing the catios’ organizers may restrict entry if they deem it necessary to ensure safety for all.

Yes. They are subject to be checked by security. Please note that carry-ons or larger luggage are not permitted.

Yes. All venues will have a concession available inside or outside the event area, offering a variety of snacks and meals.

Smoking, tobacco use, or the use of any vapor emitting device or similar, is prohibited inside the building and restricted to exterior areas away from the general public.

Attendees must respect commonsense rules for public behavior, personal interaction, common courtesy, and respect for private property. Harassing or offensive behavior will not be tolerated. Event Management reserves the right to revoke, without refund, the admission of any attendee not in compliance with this policy.

POP Cats Twin Cities – Union Depot

There are a great variety of parking options at the venue. Click here for more information.

POP Cats Chicago – Artifact Events

There is ample free street parking along Ravenswood Ave.

POP Cats Austin – Palmer Events Center

Onsite parking is available. Check venue’s website for latest parking fee. Click here to visit venue’s website.

POP Cats Portland – Wingspan Event & Conference Center

Onsite parking is available at $10 per vehicle. No overnight parking.

POP Cats Twin Cities – Union Depot

For directions click HERE

POP Cats Chicago – Artifact Events (South Entrance)

For directions click HERE

POP Cats Austin – Palmer Events Center (Exhibit Hall 2)

Details available at the venue’s website: http://bit.ly/2E9UsNb 

POP Cats Portland – Wingspan Event & Conference Center

Details available at the venue’s website: http://bit.ly/2E9UsNb 

Soliciting of any kind is prohibited.

Yes, our events are wheelchair accessible, unless otherwise noted.

We will be happy to consider you join our squad of on-site and remote volunteers. To apply, visit our Volunteer page here.

If you would like to contact us, please write to [email protected].

POP Cats™ is organized by Doodles Productions, LLC.


Yes, we partner with local cat rescues to bring adoptable cats to the event.

YES! You can bring your sidekick. Follow simple but important guidelines before considering bringing your kitty. To review the guidelines, click here. If you have questions now, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected]

No, there will be no litter boxes available at the event. Kindly make arrangements accordingly.

Cat owners must show proof of their cat’s rabies vaccination when bringing them to the event. Please refer to the provided cat attendee guidelines for more information.

Adoptions are handled by participating cat organizations, each with its own policies. Feel free to contact them in advance. All participating cat organizations will be listed on the website.

You can register your cat on-site. A waiver will be provided for you to sign, and you will need to show a copy of your cat’s current rabies vaccination to the registration team. Refer to the cat attendee guidelines for more information: Cat Attendee Guidelines.

Want to be an Exhibitor? Apply here. Want to be an Sponsor? Write to [email protected].