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Meet Megan Lynn Kott

Megan is known in the Cat universe for fusing talent, ‘adorableness’, and humor in her watercolor work. Cats, doggies and other irresistibly cute animals come alive in her art to brighten our days. ✨ Now you can get a closer view of her world.

Source: POP Cats

Hello, Megan. 👋 Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

I’ve been a cat-lover as long as I can remember – my very first word was “kitty.” I grew up in the Detroit Metro Area and then moved to the Bay Area when I was in my early 20’s. Recently my husband and I moved back to Detroit in favor of cheaper living conditions. We are both trying to be freelance artist’s here – it’s hard but gratifying!

Source: Instagram @MeganLynnKott

How did you get into art? Is it something that runs in the family or a skill you picked up on your own? 🎨

My mom always taught my sister and I the importance of art when we were growing up. She took us to see art exhibits all over the place (even states away). My aunt is a watercolor artist. When I was seven or eight, I got chickenpox during a family reunion. So while I was stuck inside – my aunt and I would paint together. I remember this as being my first exposure to real painting. I later went to art school in Detroit, and then fashion school in San Francisco. I’ve worked as a professional illustrator/designer in some capacity for almost a decade now.

Source: Instagram @MeganLynnKott

Being a full-time artist sounds like a dream. What are the perks of being an artist? ⚡️

Drawing and painting are my peaceful place – I don’t have to think of anything else when I’m doing those things. It’s sort of like meditation. I also really love animals and have been vegan for the past 13 years. If people would pay me to paint funny animals for the rest of my life – I think I would be very happy.

It does sound like a dream job! And what inspired you to do art with kitties? 🐈

People assume all the time that I am a cat person – and I usually correct them and say I am an “animal person.” I really love all animals – no matter how weird or slimy. I do have a special affinity for cats though. Of all the creatures I feel like they are the proudest, stubborn, and funny. I probably identify with them in that way. I think those are personality traits I share with them.

Source: Instagram @MeganLynnKott

Can you tell how is a typical day of yours? 😎

I wake up every morning to the cats yelling at me for food and butting their heads against our bedroom door – we have old pocket doors and they rattle at the slightest touch – so the cats really make an impression in the morning (insert grumbles here). I feed them and make coffee, maybe answer some emails, then start painting a pet portrait – most of my day-to-day work is doing pet portraits. There is usually a second coffee mid-day and a walk to our local PO Box to send out online orders. Since it’s the summer, I’m also prepping for a lot of festivals and conventions.

And what comes next? Are you working on something special? ✌️

I’m working on a couple big publishing projects that won’t probably come out until 2019. I would also love to do a children’s book at some point – but am still shopping around for the right story. My husband Justin DeVine is also an artist – and we have a couple of projects in the works too.

Find Megan Lynn Kott on Instagram @meganlynnkott and at her website