An immersive world of cattitude

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POP Cats™ is a fun-packed wonderland fueled by the spirit of cats, pop, and art! You’ll love the cat-themed scenery, adoption catios, artists, music, photo ops, artisans, and much more! A portion of profits benefits participant cat rescues. POP Cats is touring the USA and you can’t miss it! Join the waitlist and be the first to know when we’re in town! Click here.
let's get lost 👽😸

Catios and Photo Ops

Get ready to be wowed by our vibrant catios, complete with giant cat-food motifs that you’ll love! Each enclosure will be graced with the presence of adorable, adoptable cats brought to you by our local rescues. So come on down and experience the feline frenzy for yourself.

Meet your best friend furever

Adoptable Cats!

If you have never been surrounded been surrounded by cats before, this is your opportunity to break the ice and speed-date to meet your future BBF. We team up with local cat organizations to bring in adoptable cats. You will LOVE THEM!

it's BYOC, BABY!

Bring your cat*

Psst, is your cat always up for an adventure? Then your kitty will have a blast at POP Cats™. Your feline friend can explore all the exciting photo-ops, give the paw of approval to all the meow-velous merch, steal the spotlight, and meet cat lovers.

we're all in for a meowtastic time

Cosplay encouraged!

Cool cats, we love seeing you in costume. Show off your inner cattitude by wearing your fun cat onesie or purrfectly crafted cat cosplay. Get creative. Grab your squad and let’s go✌️

wind down at our gaming zone

Pixelated Meows

Looking for a place to unwind and enjoy some video games with a purr-fect twist? Look no further than Pixelated Meows! Come on down, grab a controller, and let’s have fun!

Cattitude is art

Cat Art Exhibit

Cat art is not only rad; it’s pawsome! Check out our exhibition of totally cool art featuring our feline friends. What could be more inspiring than seeing cats made larger than life in art?!

Fun with coloring

Cat-Themed Coloring

Our festival has always celebrated felines and art, and this year’s we’re opening up a space where attendees can unleash their creativity. Here you can immerse yourself in coloring. Pick any of our delightful cat-themed drawings that you can take home as a fun souvenir.

Get your temp cattoo!

Punk Cats Cattoo Parlour

*ROAR* Embrace your inner cat and hit up our Cat Punks Cattoo Parlor at POP Cats. We’ve got a limited amount of free temporary cat tattoos for you and your posse, plus a killer selection of cat designs for purchase. So whether you’re a crazy cat lady or a fierce cat punk, we’ve got you covered. Come on down and let’s make epic memories!


Express your cattitude

Paint your masterpiece

You can be an artist too! We made it possible for you and friends to paint a masterpiece of your own at POP Cats™. Pick any of our easy-to-follow design available and paint away! Check on-site for pricing.
Experience the cattitude!

Meowsome Merch

You will love finding awesome merch from cat food to feline art, cat-centric services to human apparel. Save up, cuz it’s time to stock on cat merch!

Get yourself snacks


It’s the weekend! Refreshments will be available for purchase on-site. We will have a food truck on-site serving tasty meals, beverages and snacks.

Cattitude is life


We will also be playing indie and pop tunes all weekend long to set the good vibes.


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We can’t wait to see you! 😎